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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Greece, statistics and lies. It's America 2012........

It is all okay. We live in upside down land. My favorite statistic is contracting at a slower rate than before is actually growth.  It is all okay!

Or how about spending more, but not as much as you previously said, so that is cutting spending.

Or adding debt is actually increasing capital.  Sure.

Or booking future sales as profit now is under GAAP rules.  Yup.

Or selling 2% more than the previous month while still being down 20% year over year is a recovery???   Reminds me of the Arab spring!   Things look great until they don't.

Last month my house lost $10k in value but this month it only lost $8k. That means my house actually increased in value by $2k?   What the hell kind of math is that?

How anyone can actually spout this garbage with a straight face is beyond me. What makes me crazy is that governments/politicians/MSM/investors/Americans actually buy it!!!  It is all okay!

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