Monday, September 12, 2011

This is life in America today..........

POTUS-"I have a plan, to create jobs and get the economy back on track"

Average joe- "and that would be?"
POTUS- "450 billion dollars"
Average joe-"?"
POTUS- "and the best part's already paid for"
Average joe- " but the fed is already running a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit"
POTUS- "450 billion dollars and there will be jobs, good jobs for every American who wants one..."
Average joe- "but..."
POTUS- "450 billion dollars and there will be peas in every pot, solar panels on every roof..."
Average joe- " but the solar plant went bankrupt, the USPS is about to do the same, BoA is laying of 30,000 workers and NFP printed at zero..."

POTUS- "450 billion what we need to act now, Americans can't afford to wait...
Average Joe- " but Mr. POTUS where is the money going to come from?"
POTUS- "450 billion dollars...and it's already paid for, it's the right thing to do, right now"

Average Joe's head, out of irritation and frustration, simply explodes...

POTUS- " you see my plan to reduce unemployment is working already..."

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