Sunday, September 25, 2011

Georgia Tech Football.....

They won, that is all about one can say.  I like the grit in the offensive line.  I like the athletic ability.  I loved watching Christian Scholz on the Jumbo Tron!  Christian you are made for TV pal.  I loved how the stadium was near-empty at noon kick-off.  Studying late Georgia Tech or just a late night?  I wish Marty Alcala would have been able to see some real action and make Milton High School proud.  You have to admire walk-ons on D-1 teams.   I loved the band.  I hate the offense, I just do.  The play of the two safety's, especially one of them was sheer atrocious.  Surely there is somebody on the sideline who wants to play with grit and make some plays. The kicking game was lame.  I bet Paul Johnson is watching film this morning knowing full well that he needs to ramp it up and get these guys to stop making stupid mistakes to win.  I loved the fire in the North Carolina fan base and their coaches.  NC has some team speed!   I hated to watch one of the Tech receivers drop a sure TD and then come up lame.   That was a made-for Hollywood episode of little equal.  There wasn't a fan in the stands who saw that crapola.    

Just a great day for Tech fans, alumni, students and coaches.  The team has alot of work ahead of them. 


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