Friday, September 02, 2011

Hard to fathom.........

The powers that run COMCAST and dictate what the stooges on CNBC spout are a real kick.

What a spectacle of bullshit spouted daily and nary a shred of truth being told.  And speaking of weird logic and a welfare mentality, what sort of  system do we have where 45,000 employees (Verizon)  feel comfortable going on strike when there are NO jobs, and management caves in to their demands?   Maybe Obama should address that sort of logic in his jobs speech next week. Maybe the problem is more at the core of what this country has become than what some new tax incentive to hire can fix.

My take  on it all is farily simple, OMG  =  Obama Must Go.  Anybody but this community organizer in 2012.  Happy Labor Day if you have job.  If you don't enjoy your unemployment check.  It's free to you but sure not to me.

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