Friday, February 03, 2012

Government Lies?

It's been nearly 30 years to the day since i went to work for the venerable Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc.  Dave Utter hired me and remains a great friend to this day.   He understood the crapola espoused by  Wall Street ilk and government BS'ers and did his best to impart the truth.  Today, both of us laugh at the BS when we hear it and it seems all we do is laugh at the freak show of lies..   Here is some beautiful refutation of  today's government employment numbers.   If you want some truth, it's not really a stock market anymore, in fact I have always said one thing the market mechanism should be is a government run exchange instead of a for-profit exchange.  The NYSE should  more aptly be called a massive farm of servers and supercomputers that is technically a crime scene.  Co-location is a losing proposition for market participants now because the market is so thin and devoid of real traders, let alone investors (75% is algo, less than 10% is held longer than a day), and because of the magic of order flashing, it's a totally stacked deck. They know how many shares you own and where you bought or sold 'em (ID tracking). They know if you're trading from a ToS account, a prop shop or bulge bracket desk. Bids and asks disappear as soon as you hit them. And they make the spreads look artificially good when they're really a mile wide. Most of the serious trading (if any) from size players is done through dark pools sight unseen. Everyone else is road kill for the whack-a-mole machine!

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