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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Ukraine and weep.............

I have had some good friends from the Ukraine.  I, and probably you, would like to know where the $200,000,000,000 that America printed and indebted both you and me to send to Ukraine?  How many billionaires did we mint?

It's an election year.  The stooges have had enough it seems. You aren't getting any thank-you's from Ukraine?  Awwww, shucks, your generosity is astounding. 

Zelensky has pocketed his billions, he's in good shape.  Funny how a guy who dresses up like a janitor can be so rich (with your $$$$)!   The guy literally reminds me of Chip Wadena!  (Google Chip Wadena, he still owes every penny he stole to my tribe, the White Earth Band of Chippewa.

No sooner do we exit Afghanistan after a couple of decades of spending trillions of dollars and get humiliated and then we start a war in Ukraine against Russia and get humiliated after squandering billions and billions of dollars.  The United States spends a trillion dollars every year on the Military Industrial Complex.  Will anyone in Congress who you voted for be held accountable for pissing away over $200 BILLION in Ukraine? 

Imagine that money being spent on research, healthcare, or even education? 

If you think about it, if that money were to be spent wisely our borders would probably be secure. 

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