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Saturday, January 06, 2024

The infamous A.G. BILL BARR talking ..........

Bill Barr.  Former Attorney General of the United States.

He made a few bucks off the failed ATT merger as well if memory serves.

As a side note, what a cluster of inept management at the ATT company today...........the same guys who ran that once great company into the ground, the same worthless Board of Directors who allowed those guys to run the company into the ground, the same clowns running the company today, (disclaimer, I no longer own a single share of ATT, symbol T, for obvious reasons, I want to own companies with great management teams).   All of the hundreds of thousands of great employees gone, the dividend cut so low, the lack of operating talent, it just never ends.  And ATT tossed Bill Barr a few bucks along the way to "help" with his magnificent lawyering skills!   What a hoot! 

Read this article if you want some honest analysis of Jeffrey Epstein's death.  It has some Bill Barr commentary for you to digest!

Mark Epstein Analysis of Jeffs's Death! 

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