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Monday, October 09, 2023

Fawn Killer Eradication


It's Columbus Day.  Native Americans don't relish this day and the many I know across Indian Country don't celebrate it so I went to check coyote traps early this morning.   The last two critters on the Planet will be mosquitoes and coyotes.

This is a large male coyote, somewhat unusual with 4 white paws and a white tipped tail.   Caught him this morning along a fence line where I shot a big female coyote a few months ago, maybe they were a pair.  He weighed 38 pounds.  I have to laugh at the tree-hugger crowd who tell the world about the big predators that only kill the weak and sick in the animal world.   Let me tell you, bobcat, mountain lion, coyote, bear it simply doesn't matter.  If they are hunting and they usually are when they aren't sleeping, they don't play golf nor do they watch TV, and they have no internet, they will kill and EAT the first prey animal that they can catch.   Sick, near dead, young, healthy it just doesn't matter.  If their hunting approach gives them an opportunty to kill and EAT it is all that matters.   They don't take the pulse and temperature of their prey species and don't ask them if they are sick and old before they EAT them.  They are unique predators and EAT whatever and whenever they can.   There are no freezers or refrigerators in the animal world nor do they have emergency rooms for prey that are old and sick.   It's nature's way.

It's what Creator wanted.      

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