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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Obama FED Trump Stock Market Bubble

All good things come to an end.

Having dismissed the "big, fat, ugly bubble" during his presidential campaign, President Trump is now tweeting how his tenure has promoted the market higher.   22,000 has a nice ring to it.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, blues and reds listen up.

The FED is in control.   If Trump can get tax reform and get some folks off the couch and back to work, so be it.  Good for him.  The market will scream higher.  But, the Fed normalizing interest rates?  Are you done laughing yet? Until then, please, no crow Mr. Trump. Loud and clear, this move isn't on you.  Janet Yellen and Obama kept this fraud going far longer and now you want to take credit?  GMAFB pal.  Okay,   but while you are taking credit for stocks could you please build a mile or two of wall while you are at it.  Maybe a half mile somewhere.  Just to say you tried to keep a campaign promise?

For now, the non-GAAP chicanery will continue in the financial engine rooms for sure.  Top-line, revenue growth is a tough find these days. And an anemic GDP isn't going hyperbolic any time in my life.  I will bet you on that.

My wish is that President Trump stop embracing the bullshit of the markets as anything he conned up.  Help Americans and stop the madness at the FED Mr. Trump!

When the algo's are turned off and Mom & Pop in Mandaree, Manderson or Mission are getting their stock market holdings creamed and the big bullshit banana's running banks are spitting out their bourbon from fear I will want to put some money to work.

Until then, watching this shit show unfold is rather entertaining.  The K Street crowd of bribers has got to be happy.   Ginning up some bullshit in south east Asia, McCain style,  is right up their alley after decimating the Middle East.  George W. Bush did the Middle East a "bang up" job in keeping his daddy's legacy alive.   I just wish all of those fine American men and women who lost limbs were whole and sane today.

May God bless America.  We need all the help we can get.

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