Thursday, August 24, 2017

DIRECT from the trenches of Middle Class America!

Words well said from a fellow Hedger.

A couple of weeks back, I went to the pharmacy to fill a scrip for a 2 oz tube of a cortisone derivative cream. Of course I have prescription insurance, but I asked what the med would cost. I was told that tube was $1,038.00. I guessed they probably could have sold it for $15.00 and still made money. No folks, because they had it in a little 2 oz. foam can as well for $860.00. The doctor gave me one as a sample five years back. If that crap was really worth $860. or anywhere near it, they wouldn't be handing it out as a sample would they? So I told the pharmacy to keep that tube of cream, and walked out of the store. It's just a giant scam to strip the middle class of all the wealth they worked for and saved all their lives. You leave your kids with nothing because you're forced to spend a fortune on medical care, and the banks get to start your kids in debt all over again. It's horrible. 

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