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Friday, June 23, 2017

Want more shit to sell at a yard sale? Tired of clutter, need more and more and more?

We are unhappy because we are insatiable.  After working hard to get what we want, we lose interest in the object of our desire.  Rather than feeling satisfied, we feel bored and in response to this boredom we go on to form new, grander, desires.

The easiest way to gain happiness is to want the things you already have.

A technique I use is NEGATIVE VISUALIZATION.  Here are the benefits before I tell you how it works.

It allows you to better appreciate what you have.
It allows you to not cling to the present and your current situation.
It allows you to avoid hedonic adaption.

You can put this into practice every day by imagining your life without something you hold dear.  Whether it is career, money or family.

The goal is not to cause you grief but instead to value what you already have and realize just how much it means to you.

This will force you to appreciate more what you already possess and not get stuck in the hedonic cycle or treadmill of wanting and acquiring more. 

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