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Thursday, October 20, 2016

It has to be said........

My bride and I watched the debate last night.

The MSM today is hilarious.  Let me see if I got this straight.  Mass voter fraud is proven,  pay-to-play is proven, foreign funding is proven, funneling arms and money to terrorists is proven, silencing Bill's rape victims is proven and the lies coming from the White Mosque, excuse me, the White House are at record pace.

How quickly the Clinton crew forgets that when they attack Trump for any of his past sexual innuendo it reminds us all of superpredator Bill Clinton (WJC of Wikileaks fame)  who so famously got his unit sucked dry from his employee, Monica Lewinsky (and jizzed on her blue dress which she just happened to save which probably saved her life) and was impeached in part for lying under oath about sexually attacking another female employee  by the name of Paula Jones after she sued and was awarded over $800,000 in a settlement.
Today the MSM has their collective heads up the Clinton ass.

Would it be rude of me to point out that loser "accepting" the election results has zero impact on the outcome?

So many paid shills.  So much corruption.  If she is elected, war will commence.   The MIC must be paid off.

Watch and weep.  Lets hope it is not your son or daughter dying.

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