Sunday, October 16, 2016

1637 Miles

There are some great rivers in America.  Most look like they are polluted and the ones that don't look polluted are probably full of fertilizer and turpentine!   These are the ones I crossed on my way to the Ghost Ranch.

Obed River
Caney Fork River
Tennessee River
Big Red West Fork of Red River
Little River
Cumberland River
Tennessee River
Clarks River
Kaskaskia River
Missouri River
Cuivre River
Peno Creek
Spencer Creek
Salt River
South River
Fox River
Skunk River
Des Moine River
Racoon River
Nishnabotna River
West Nishnabotna River
Soldier River
Little Sioux River
Platte Creek
Missouri River
Cheyenne River
Little Missouri River
Powder River
Little Powder River
Mizpah Creek
Tongue River
Yellowstone River
Sand Creek

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