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Friday, October 14, 2016

365 days later .............

10/8/2015,   Your 19th Birthday

Dear Jordan,

It’s been a great run.  Being your father and husband to your Mother are two of my greatest joys.   As I have told you, the best is yet come.  Always believe that.    A young man has many roles to play as he grows; to be a good brother, a good son, a good friend, a good husband, a good father.   The qualities to fulfill those roles are rather simple and you have all those qualities.  You were given a good foundation; you have the strength, the courage, the organization, the self awareness, loyalty and sense of happiness.  You are fortunate to have been born with all of these abilities and expand them.  I am not writing this letter to give you a blueprint for your life.  You have your own blueprint.  Any direction you decide to take I know you will do it with excellence, with discipline and do it your way.   Someday I hope you look back on my letters and notes to you and realize that the lessons I have tried to teach have come from the wisdom and experiences of my parents and their parents before them and that they can live forever in you, and yours.

Today, you have a few weeks of college under your belt and I have a hunch you have already figured out some of the tricks to being a good student.  It’s not that hard to filter out the bullshit and the biases and cut to the chase.  If there is anything in life you want to know it is at your fingertips.    Your background in sports has enabled you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses fairly early in life.  Playing safety on the gridiron you were exposed and vulnerable.    You learned early to be prepared, to anticipate, to hustle, to finish, to never give up.

College can be a busy time if you allow it to.  The vast majority of college students are stumbling around unconscious and visiting in their mind, all day long, their regrets and anxieties of the future.  Here is a check list to help you with college.  So tuck away the ego, listen up and remember these.  Are you eating well?  Are you getting enough good sleep?  Are you avoiding the people who stress you?  Are you laughing?  Are you grateful for what you have?  Have you looked to the angels above and asked God, “Who today do you want me to help?”  The rest will take care of itself.

In closing, you have heard me say on more than one occasion that the biggest decision a man will make beside his faith in God is who he will marry.  Who you decide to be the mother of your children will be the biggest investment in your life.   When you find a woman, take a hard look and consider if being with her will improve you or not.  Always opt for the improvement.  Remember, you will never be certain if it is right, you will always know if it’s not right. There are going to be women trying to snag you, as you’re an outstanding catch.  Don’t allow a woman to choose you, choose her and make it a mutual thing.  Use Mom and Dad as an example and live by that.  And never forget the hero your Mom is, because she has overcome a million obstacles that would have killed an ordinary person in order to achieve her goals of being a successful wife, mother and corporate executive.  Mom and I always regarded marriage as ‘till death do us part.  Certainly we had our ups and downs but the love and confidence in each other was strengthened by the downs as well as the ups.

Jordan, you have so many great years ahead of you.  Make the most of them.  Make good use of your time every day.  Time you can never get back.  When you get much older, and believe me when I tell you this, never let an “old man” live in your body.  I try to live that mantra.  Live as you did in your youth, live large, think big, have great dreams, keep your eyes open, live life, dance like no is watching and hunt like it’s your first animal!

And above all, praise God and continue to use your tremendous vision and discipline in going after what you want out of life.

Happy Birthday Jordan!



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