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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From where I sit today.............

The turds at the Fed, insiders in Congress and big banks, the Treasury thieves are all looking out for their best interests.  Those interests are not aligned with the American people or our economy.

You can not ask greedy people to think about the tomorrows.

It's like asking Obama to stop telling lies.

I hope you follow David Stockman.  David Stockman is a breath of fresh air amongst the bullshit that permeates D.C., Wall Street and the media.  Borrowing and reckless spending is modeled by our bloated government  They know a crash is coming if the Fed normalizes rates.

The stock market today was just more Yellen.  Just another "thank you" to the bankers and financiers who carry the day.

To those in Sisseton,  Browning,  Crow Agency,  Waubun, Mandaree,  Lake Andes,  White Shields, Twin Buttes and Lower Brule it was another "bend over and grab your ankles" to the little people who are caught between real inflation and zero interest rates.

Think about it.

ISIS isn't even a threat compared to the crime scene they call the financial markets in America.      

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