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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Super Bowl XVLII, my take.....

Watching Eli Manning and his beauty of a bride speaking to the wounded warriors on the field pre-game was a great thing.   They had great seats but must have moved to a private box in the 2nd quarter.

Why no one brings binoculars to sporting events is beyond me.  Do they think they don't "look good"?   At the Super Bowl,  where anybody who is anybody in the world of the NFL is making the scene it is imperative to have them to see in all the private boxes and the antics going on down on the field.  Why the optics companies won't advertise their goods is beyond me.  There is a huge market there.

When the power went out I thought the thing to do would have been to suspend beer sales until it came back on.    Although I was in a suite I checked to make sure the door would close in case the entire stadium went black.  It could have gotten very ugly very fast.

Buzz Aldrin has a hot wife.  I know that she isn't the wife he started out with but she is his current trophy.   Thank you for your service Buzz, thank you for bringing home some rocks and thank you for the eye candy!

The Ravens cheerleaders were really great.  The precision and strength was stunning.  Man, were they ever in great shape.    And great eye candy as well.

The 49'ers deserved to get beat.  If you ever get a chance to watch the replay of the 2nd half kick-off I suggest you share it with anyone who understands hubris on a playing field.  These clowns were dancing to the rap music like M.C. Hammer prior to breaking their special teams huddle to kick-off.  Talk about not having their head in the game, they had it in the dance moves and rap music playing so loud.  To watch a guy go 109 yards was a thing of beauty and hell, I was cheering for the Niners!

The NFL needs to work on getting people out of the stadiums alittle better.  They spend so much effort on keeping the riff-raff away from the stadium that they should pull some of the fencing down to allow a faster exit.   It could have been a dangerous situation coming out of the Super Dome with so much humanity so crunched together.   

It was nice to see the thug, Mr. Lewis, miss some tackles on the biggest stage of all. 

The heat in the stadium rose quickly after the A/C went off with the power outage.  I thought at first it was a case of sabotage, somebody just sending a message that they hacked into the power grid and shut things down.  Probably the real story will remain hidden and only known to the City Fathers of New Orleans.   Maybe it was just a rat, a big one at that.   

I have been to NOLA a bunch and the stench and lack of initiative galls me every time.   Tossing nearly $200,000,000,000 at New Orleans after Katrina was not taxpayer money well spent.  But who really cares these days about taxpayers?

Rural LA is a poster child for SNAP benefits.  It's ugly out there outside of NOLA for sure.    Generational welfare gone wild.  Ugly for LA, ugly for America.    Probably not a father in sight but they sure drive some chromed-out wheels!

Dan Marino wasn't wearing his wedding ring?  I wonder why?    LOL

The play-calling on first and goal from the 7 was ugly as well.   Al Molde where are you?   Send Colin left, send Colin right,  send Colin up the middle, send Colin outside.  Let the kid freelance and maybe just a few more times during the game try to work Randy Moss into the offense.   Geez.   Where do I sign on this contract now?

All in all it was New Orleans.  The T & A on Bourbon Street was alive and well.   The beads were being begged for and they were showing them.  What's not to like on a Super Duper orgy of parties and football worship on the first weekend in February?



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