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Monday, February 11, 2013

Gotta love the Big Apple Circus

So yesterday my wife and I head to the circus. I wasn't expecting to see an archery performance like none other. If you are sitting around on a weekend maybe you can try something like this. No, it wasn't a Cameron Hanes like attempt at a target way over 100 yards out, it wasn't that far away but.....

I was totally amazed. Unbelievable ability.

Here is Elayne Kramer getting it done.

Elayne Kramer, a sixth-generation circus performer from Argentina, started practicing contortion and hand balancing at the age of four and gave her first performance at age seven. She has performed in ten of the most renowned international circus festivals in the world, where she has consistently placed among the top three finalists. She has appeared on television and in print publications, including USA Today, People Magazine, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Good Morning America. She has performed in various charity events, including a 2011 benefit show with fellow artists for survivors of the tsunami in Japan. This benefit inspired a series of Japanese postage stamps, which include Elayne, in honor of the performers. At only twenty years old, Elayne is a world-class performer, and she looks forward to improving and performing for many more audiences around the world.

This is her web site:

Here at the 1:50 minute mark is the shot.....

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