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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's very disgusting to spend a day at work having to evade some of the biggest liars in the history of our country on the public airwaves and in the compliant media.

Today was particularly bad due to the Bernanke testimony in front of the grandstanding politicians on TV, Obama touting the ill effects of the sequester and bringing such alarm to every stooge and ill informed voter everywhere.

It started today with listening to the charlatan, Jim Cramer of Harvard and Goldman Sachs fame spouting the love for Bernanke himself.

Couldn't we just once get say, Jim Rogers or Dean Parisian to grill these clowns?

The beat goes on, there's smoke on the horizon.  The math of our problems is compounding at an exponential rate.

This is going to get good boys and girls.   To those of you in Mandaree and Pine Ridge I don't even know what to tell you.   Read more and expect fewer hand-outs I guess.  Is there anything you really want besides being on the government dole?

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