Saturday, December 15, 2012

Evil at Sandy Hook

The mentally ill only get attention when they get in trouble don't they?  Most cannot medicate themselves properly and get little help except from  family which many times are not able to deal with the constant needs of the relative. Of course common sense dictates, or should dictate that a mental health patient not be allowed to "gun up".  The terrifying loss of the young by a madman is horrible.  The cost of freedom is always steep.  Those that give up their freedoms for security will have neither.
Remember when armed lunatics massacred 76 men, women, and children at Waco?  Twenty murders a day in Chicago can be a slow day, but hey, what's the fuss about?  Its not the guns folks, its the nutcases.
For some reason, when a drunk driver mows down a family, we don't see the car dealer, the gas station, the auto manufacturer, the liquor store, the brewer, AAA, and car owners generally, blamed in quite the same way that we see the gun makers, the ammo makers, the NRA, and gun owners generally, blamed for things like this.
It makes no more sense to write about how many cars used in such accidents were (1) gasoline, (2) diesel or (3) hybrid than it does to tell about (1) handguns, (2) rifles, and (3) shotguns.
But now let me ask, how about the thousands of babies in the United States killed through abortion?
No outrage about that?  Let's face it, and our God knows, the U.S. is in the kid killing business.
There's evil lurking everywhere.  

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