Sunday, December 02, 2012

Alabama Georgia SEC Title Ramblings

I don't go to many college games but figured that coming from the University of Minnesota  system and hearing so little about winning football I should watch some "winners" play the game.  Am darn glad I did!    Coach Richt is a cool dude.    I don't know what his lockere-room schtick is but his pre-game "face" is all business.  During pre-game warm-ups, Coach Richt isn't patting himself on the back with his other coaches, he's busy.  Busy offering encouraging words, busy watching his kickers and punters, busy watching players warm-up.   His coaching was done for the week.   During the game, after his punter had a poor kick, Richt sought him out and unlike so many coaches were are so quick to berate, Richt brought up some humor and by the smiles on both their faces at a rather heated moment, both enjoyed a laugh.   Talk about keeping things in perspective.  Keeping it light. 

Coach Richt was very quick to ask the "12th Man" to bring it early in the game and the Bulldawg Nation responded like none other.    It really helped during that particular series to help slow down that potent Crimson Tide offense.  Alabama fans?  Classy.    I was so impressed with how they relate to and love their football team.   No trash talking, no tough guy attitudes on the streets.

Amazing that more fans don't bring binoculars to the games.   What a great addition to so many facets of the game!      Atlanta traffic management is a joke.    Why the idiots scheduled a parade downtown and shut down so many streets around Phillips Arena prior to an SEC Championship game defies any common-sense, but then, after all, it is the City of Atlanta government we are talking about.    Arthur Blank should not be allowed to use a single dime of taxpayer money to fund any kind of new stadium, especially not a dime of mine.   The Georgia Dome works just fine.    He gets the taxpayer to build, his revenues go up, the value of his team increases.  Just like Obama and Geithner and Paulsen,  they throw the down and dirty on the back of the citizenry and the profits, long down the road, go to the big guns in charge.   Socializing losses and privatizing profits.   Easy money if you can get it.  

Both teams were winners last night.  The fans will never forget the night.   I wish Alabama continued success in the BCS game against Notre Dame.     

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