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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cramer finally got something right!

Who made these statements this past week?

- Powerful managers use ultra ETF’s of mass destruction to push stocks around.

- Performance of stocks has become disconnected from performance of the underlying companies.

- If you go swimming in this market, there is no lifeguard on duty.

- The SEC, who favors high frequency traders, is not doing their job protecting the little guys.

- Our markets have been captured by high frequency traders, and the EXCHANGES.

- TheSEC has approved all kinds of innovations that make the market less legitimate, and less safe.

- The SEC has approved all kinds of things that make the markets more dangerous, and more difficult for you to save money for your kids.

- If you think the SEC has your back, think again.

- If you think the Exchanges are on your side, think again.

- In the old days Exchanges used to be non-profit; now they want their large institutional hedge funds that trade high frequency to make money, because that’s how they make money.

- Until you get the SEC to start looking at the markets through the prism of your IRA or 401k or 529 plans instead of through a prism of market manipulators, don’t be surprised by any outrage or flash crash. It can happen again.

Did you guess the guys at Themis Trading? If you did you would be wrong. They did make those statements in almost 160 other weeks, but in this past week it was not the great team at Themis. Rather, those statements were made by CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Mad Money this past Friday evening.

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