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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cramer back to his Democratic mantra.......

Jimmy boy it just gets old.    You telling the world this morning on CNBC what a leftist, socialist Steve Wynn is, is well, rather putrid.   Steve Wynn runs global companies, employs thousands upon thousands and you denounce him.   No wonder everyone I know thinks you are an asshole.  Obama is the worst President in the history of our great nation.  Get over it.  You must have something on the heads of NBC because it is impossible they would keep a blowhard like you on the air. You are a terrible stock picker, a terrible market timer...and to boot, you lie out your ass on a daily basis.   What the world wants to know is how much of the 10-year performance figures of your hedge fund were from big commissions "paying" for IPO allocations?

"Jim Cramer is a charlatan. He turns the serious issue of personal financial security into a complete joke. There is nothing that comes out of James Cramer's mouth that allows people to make intelligent investment decisions."

A quote from David Swenson in the December/January 2009 issue of Worth magazine. Mr. Swenson is the chief investment officer of Yale University.

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