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Monday, June 06, 2011

Kids on scooters......

I saw a young boy get in a bad spill yesterday on his little motor cycle.   Thank the Creator he wasn't seriously injured.   I saw it coming.  Too much speed, way too much speed and out of control as he drove off the sidewalk.  The crash/skid marks on the concrete sidewalk tell the story.  The boy had been driving the bike too fast on previous occasions as he drives down the sidewalk, not the street.  He is extremely lucky he didn't get seriously hurt.  Had he crashed into a mail box he could easily have broken his neck.  As it was he was lucky he didn't get caught under the bike as it skidded down the walk.

My sons both hunt and are excellent gun handlers.  Growing up I never allowed my children to "play" with BB guns or motor scooters.   Neither are instruments of "play".  They both can injure or maim for life.  Until children are old enough to understand the physics and damage they can do by being careless there are other options for their time.   That's my take and I'll stick to it.

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