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Monday, September 20, 2010

Call it what it is, mid-term election bullshit

President Teleprompter sure can tell some big lies.....he really laid out some zingers today, wow.

If the recession was over months ago why on earth are we still subsidizing the uemployed. When does this end? Here is Dean Parisians take on what "they" should do for starters.

Do drug testing on those who receive welfare. If you’re doing drugs then you lose out on the benefits. You can afford the drugs, then you can afford the food.

If you are on welfare then you will need to be on birth control. This will be your choice either be on birth control or don’t receive welfare. It should not be the governments nor the tax payers responsibility to support you having more children so you get more money.

If you are on welfare for a certain period, then the government can call on you for labor. This will decrease the governments spending.

If a large corporation moves jobs overseas, then they will need to pay higher taxes to help pay for the unemployment for the people that lost their jobs. If they move their headquarters overseas, then a tariff will be placed on the items they sell.

There will no longer be an earned income credit on taxes. Why should the Government pay those who don’t pay any taxes at all and why are we paying people to not improve themselves?

Illegal immigrants will be returned to their own country and their country will be billed for the cost of returning them. If that country does not want to pay then they will no longer receive aid. If they are letting their people come here then why are we giving them aid to help the people in their country?

The US government will now be required to purchase only Made in America items. The company does not have to be US owned, but the products must be produced in the US thus creating jobs.

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