Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pure and patently false doo-doo............

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday said he is confident the central bank can exit its rescue programs while keeping inflation in check.

Yo, Mr. Ben, you can't have it both ways. You can't stimulate/spend and then cut back overnight on the trillions. Your lies will come back to haunt you when this inflationary spiral gets going. No one gets out of a recession by government spending. It was asswipes like Barney Frank (government employee) and Franklin Raines (quasi-government employee) that allowed the likes of Stan O'Neil of Merrill Lynch fame and Jimmy "asleep at the bridge table as to his firms risk" Cayne of Bear Stearns that helped bring this baby down.

Those fat cats and the countless thousands upon thousands of church-going citizens who inflated loan documents, lied on mortgage applications and pumped up real estate valuations at the bank along with some shady real estate agents and deals.

All in all, yet just another reason to read John Bogle's book, "Enough".

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