Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Common sense.........

coming out of Washington is lacking, no, non-existent. The lobbyists who spend a billion dollars a day, repeat, a billion dollars a day, (say that 5 times without smiling) must be having a field day lobbying for their check-writing clients!

The world is for sale at a price.

I wonder when the media and public will turn against the community activist at 1600 Pennsylvania? The hostile take-over of the auto industry, the banks, healthcare will need to run its course. Giving GM a cool $50 billion of taxpayer dollars prior to a bankruptcy filing smacks with good old fashioned Chicago politics, well, Detroit politics, well UAW politics, well just paying off Obama for all the votes.

Speaking of common sense, I finished William Cohan's "House of Cards" this morning with the birds awakening and a fresh cup of Green Mountain Coffee. A great read and another travesty for 10,000 wonderful people who didn't have a thing to do with the madness, lies and greed. Twenty years ago this coming week the locks were changed and the LaJolla offices of Drexel Burnham Lambert where I worked were slammed shut forever. Common sense is always needed, many fail to see the need up close and personal.

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