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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fathers Day gift ideas.........

SEATTLE, Jun 12, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- With Father's Day rapidly approaching, Lard Butt LLC (), an apparel and lifestyle company for below-average athletes and weekend warriors, today announced that it has published its 'Ten WORST Father's Day Gift Ideas' on its popular LardBlog () discussion forum. Lard Butt also announced a Father's Day promotion in which it will include a free 'Lard Butt Golf' shirt with any and all orders made on its site prior to midnight Pacific Time on Father's Day: Sunday, June 21. Among Lard Butt's 'Ten WORST Father's Day Gift Ideas' are: -- Any lawnmower lacking a comfortable seat and beverage holder -- A Tupperware Party -- To-do Lists.

Lard Butt is an apparel and lifestyle company dedicated to below-average athletes, providing 'athletic apparel for the rest of us,' along with an online hub for Lard Butts everywhere to exchange stories, photos, and more. In an era when overpaid professional athletes are making headlines for steroid use, fistfights, and pouting over $5 million-per-year salaries, Lard Butt celebrates those of us who just want to get into the game -- even if we get severely winded getting TO the game! We don't need steroids to have fun; mostly, we just need something to eat!

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