Friday, April 18, 2008

It never fails........

It was a great week for the bulls on Wall Street. Optimism fueled a rally.

For years I have laughed with a friend of mine, Jon in Colorado about the prescient ability of NASDAQ market-makers to have the microscope trained on specific stock orders. When we sell shares, though the stock could trade millions upon millions of shares daily, either with limit or market orders, though I normally always use limits, the absolute worst price of the day-week-month is ours.

It happened to me today.

Owned the stock for years. The reason the stock should have been attracting more buyers was clearly out in the open and the shares weren't trading up to the levels I figured they should be at. With the market ramping and no shortage of other opportunities the "sell" decision was made. Maybe the worst fill of my entire week-month-year for sure. That's Wall Street.

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