Sunday, April 13, 2008

Georgia's Masters at "the system"

I just got home from the local emergency room. One of my sons had the misfortune of breaking a bone in his hand. That's it for his 2008 baseball season.

The emergency room is probably as close to an international setting as one can find in Georgia or probably any other state. If they want free medical care they come.
No wonder Hillary wants "free" health care, those folks all represent potential liberal, tax-the-rich-and-take-care-of-poor me voters someday. Unfortunatley America hasn't figured out nothing is "free" from the government because of our screwed up tax structure. The percentage of Americans who don't pay tax is increasing, leaving those who do pay to pay more. My health care insurance runs in the vicinity of $500 a month. Do the math, it isn't cheap with an after-tax dollar.

It's 2008 and not a presidential candidate is talking immigration problems, tax code change, social security or real health care reform for the Medicaid bankruptcy to come. One guy is only talking about "change", the other two sit back and seem to be waiting for the others to make a linguistic mistake. The system is broken.

At least a broken finger mends quick. America's problems may never go away.

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