Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It is hard not to laugh at the commentators who keep telling us that because American consumers can't borrow money they can't spend it on goods, American or Asian. What a cute joke.

Obama's preacher. Yuck. Obama. Yuck. Hillary. More yuck.

Politics. Still the Hollywood sound-bite mentality. Not a serious discussion anywhere on what needs to be done to fix criminal immigration, social security or the tax code.

Stock market mavens are beginning to think that the United States Government and the Federal Reserve system are the cure-all to lower stock prices. For some strange reason they believe that because 60 trading days brought the market down a couple thousand points that the worst is over and the market should rise. Even the salesmen at Merrill Lynch today got an earful from their market strategist that the coast is clear to venture back into stocks. It must be near the end of the production month for their commission runs.

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