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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Note for Prospective Clients of Chippewa Partners

The following questions should be considered prior to selecting an investment manager. Any candidate that has a commission-driven agenda in providing investment advice should be respectfully challenged.

We have told investors to be very careful before they turned over their life savings and their financial future to a broker whose first job is to keep their job, not grow or preserve their money. It is our goal to help prospective clients make informed decisions and we are available to answer questions and to enhance a comfort level with our professional services. We invite you to contact us.

• What is the experience and credentials of the advisor responsible for my portfolio?
• How often can we review our portfolio? Can we access funds in an emergency?
• What is the total cost? Are fees charged to establish an advisory relationship?
• Are there hidden fees? How are fees paid?
• What is the advisor’s philosophy regarding money management?
• Has there ever been legal action taken against the investment advisor?
• How is the fee structure linked to portfolio performance?
• Am I comfortable with the firms’ investment strategy?

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