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Monday, October 02, 2006


I am a Republican. I didn't grow up Republican. My Dad still votes "the DFL ticket" in MN to this day. What I am is a dis-spirited, disgruntled Republican.

The gigantic increase in our federal spending, the lack of any downsizing in government, the lack of any meaningful income tax reform, the lack of addressing the social security problem, immigration concerns, the stalemate between the Government and the IIM accounts in the Cobell case, the NASA boondoggle, it just doesn't end.

I think we have too many people who live in America who don't care about America. Who don't give a rats ass about their America. And too many people in Congress who frankly don't know right from wrong, something they probably could have learned in kindegarten. I will be looking around for a place to put my vote in November.

But then the BILLION bucks a day spent on lobbying efforts there are hard to compete with for my vote too. I don't think I am alone in my feeling.

And I never even mentioned Iraq.

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