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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last exit for the lost.............

North Carolina is the last state in the South to have approved of a state lottery. Now they too will extract billions from citizenry in lotto tickets. The human predators in LA, MS and AL need to be dealt with like the scum and grime they are. Listening to the bumbling Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA "chieftains" is like listening to my sons 3rd grade class. Plenty of blame to go around and no one wants to step up and get anything done without all the bureauacracy. The loss of life, property and and jobs will be small compared to the emotional toll inflicted. I keep thinking about this being America's tsunami. This is but a speck compared to the lives lost in the Tsunami last year overseas. How many people will just leave their homes behind? Just walk and never come back.

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