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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Evening of Labor Day...........

I returned this afternoon from a couple hundred of miles and a family reunion. It is good to be home and good to see faces who share a common bloodline if not much else. I always relished reunions because the food is so good. It seems the cooks and chefs in the crowd never bring a subpar dish to be devoured readily by all. In looking at Mr. Market last week, what better evidence could there be of the stock market's unpredictability than that it rose while New Orleans was sinking? My position is that no one, even after the fact, can tell us reliably why the market does what it does, let alone predict its future. Both Nasdaq and the S & P were up 1% last week in a week that will be written about for the next century for the devastation caused. FEMA and the mayor of New Orleans are a tad overboard from media reports and the looters remind me of the idea espoused that perhaps we are only one generation away from barbarism. I just got in from a short run. One mile. In the evening cool with my wife I was at a loss for words. One of my best friends had returned home to the eastern seaboard and fired off an email to me that his father has been diagnosed with both lung and liver cancer. He has labored a good life. In many ways the labor of this fight has just begun. I look forward to a party next weekend that we are attending to raise money for breast cancer. I pray that in my lifetime we will have more answers to fight cancer and to find the cures just as Dr. William W. Shingleton dedicated his life to find the answers that affect so many. Cherish and relish the labors of life. Every day.

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