Thursday, September 16, 2021

Slime or sleaze it's business as usual!

Dear Fed,

You gotta be kidding me, so it just dawned on Jay Powell that there is an ethics problem at the Fed? 

Tell me, where do the original shares of The Federal Reserve System sit today and does Aldrich's ( Warburg's ) Federal Reserve Act make any mention of restricting the ethical behavior of the original shareholders?

Unless there are claw backs and prison time, this will continue into perpetuity. It's just like Pelosi loading up on Tesla stock once it was clear that Ice Cream Joe was going to get in - her own legislation pumped her stock values up.

Let's just be honest and say anything goes.

We are the Elite, we make the rules, therefore,

The rules don't apply to us.

Treason is not a crime.

Pedophilia is not a crime.

Murder is not a crime.

Lying under Oath is not a crime.

Kickbacks are not a crime.

Anything we do in Congress, the Senate or Fed is not a crime.

But not getting vaccinated is a crime!

Forget the fact that unnamed, anonymous, unelected federal reserve shareholders control the largest printing press in the world.  This is all going to collapse and in a horrific fashion.  You can see it plain and clear. The Fed has trapped themselves and there is no way out of a default either by inflation or deflation.

Good luck America, especially the poor and middle class.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Straight up analysis from the Ghost Ranch

For the first time in the history of medicine, a shot of puss into a human body and its ineffectiveness is blamed on those haven't taken the puss via an injection.    

Friday, September 10, 2021

The Biden bullshit............

Criminal aliens, the union of the United States Postal Service employees, esteemed Members of the United States Congress (congresscritters for those of you in Mandaree, Pine Ridge and Ogema) and their respective staff are ALL EXEMPT from the Biden experimental vaccine mandate.

Remember, it is NOT about the science.

In cowboy language it's Bullshit Artists at the feed trough.................

The leaders of the Boston and Dallas Federal Reserve Banks said they would sell off individual stocks they own, invest the proceeds in diversified indexed funds or cash savings and cease trading in individual securities.

The Thursday announcement comes after the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas this week disclosed that its president, Robert Kaplan, bought and sold millions of dollars in stocks and other investments in 2020. A disclosure from the Boston Fed showed that its president, Eric Rosengren, also was an active trader last year, albeit at a smaller scale.

Both men defended their actions as consistent with their respective bank’s code of conduct policies, but said they didn’t wish to create any perception that their trading of securities and investments would conflict with their role in setting monetary policy. Both men said the sale of their holdings would be complete by Sept. 30.

Since Friday, all 12 of the Fed’s regional banks have provided disclosures of their leaders’ 2020 financial profiles.

Messrs. Kaplan and Rosengren said they would stop trading in markets the way they did last year. In his statement, Mr. Rosengren said, “The appearance of such permissible personal investment decisions has generated some questions, so I have made the decision to divest these assets to underscore my commitment to Fed ethics guidelines. It is extremely important to me to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, and I believe these steps will achieve that.”

In his disclosure for 2020, Mr. Kaplan stood out among the regional Fed leaders for making multiple trades in company shares and investment funds in excess of $1 million each.

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren.


Documents provided by his bank show that Mr. Kaplan was also active in the stock market before last year, with many large transactions since he became Dallas Fed president in 2015.

His stockholdings in 2020 included Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Chevron Corp. His disclosures for his Fed tenure also listed multiple purchases and sales of over $1 million in investments that could be sensitive to changes in monetary policy, with transactions in S&P index futures, the BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund, the BlackRock Floating Rate Income Trust and the iShares Floating Rate Bond Fund ETF.

Messrs. Kaplan and Rosengren didn’t respond to requests for interviews about their trading.

A Dallas Fed spokesman on Tuesday said the bank president’s activities had been approved by bank lawyers. The Dallas Fed employee code of conduct says staff should avoid conduct “which gives rise to an actual or apparent conflict of interest.” It adds that employees with high-level information on meetings of the interest-rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee “should avoid engaging in any financial transaction the timing of which could create the appearance of acting on inside information concerning Federal Reserve deliberations and actions.”

Mr. Kaplan’s trading “should be a scandal,” said Professor Peter Conti-Brown of the University of Pennsylvania, an expert on the structure of the Federal Reserve. “If he’s making directional bets on interest rates, we will not be able to tell if he’s advocating for policies for the public good or talking his book. It’s a fundamental conflict of interest.” Mr. Conti-Brown also said that the perception that Mr. Kaplan could personally profit from his Fed role feeds into longstanding skepticism of the Fed held in some corners.

Kathryn Judge, a law professor at Columbia University, said Fed officials “are privy to all kinds of information that has the potential to move markets.” While Mr. Kaplan may have followed the letter of the code, she said it is unclear if he followed the spirit.

“Part of what you want out of a Fed president is in leadership, and leadership means not just complying with the rules, but modeling the best possible behavior,” Ms. Judge said.

In a CNBC interview Wednesday, Richard Fisher, who led the Dallas Fed between 2005 and 2015, flagged the complicated finances he and other wealthy men have brought to the Fed, and flagged what he sees as the value of having those with market experience working at the central bank. Mr. Kaplan worked at investment bank Goldman Sachs for two decades and led its investment-banking work before leaving the firm in 2006.

The controversy around the trading “will blow off over time,” Mr. Fisher said on the television channel, adding, “I don’t think we should hold [Mr. Kaplan] negatively here or have any inference of anything nefarious.”

Disclosure information released by the New York Fed showed that its leader, John Williams, didn’t engage in any significant trading last year. Asked Wednesday about the propriety of any Fed official actively engaging in financial market trading, he said, “We have very clear rules and restrictions on activities, financial activities” and rules governing disclosure.

“If you’re asking, should those policies, you know, be reviewed or changed, I think that’s a broader question that I don’t have a particular answer for right now. But I do think that the restrictions are, you know, very important to make sure…people aren’t able to transact around FOMC meetings,” Mr. Williams said.

All 12 regional Fed bank presidents were approved earlier this year for new five-year terms as part of a regular process that was overseen this time around by Fed governor Lael Brainard.

The Fed’s 12 regional banks are quasi-private institutions overseen by local boards of directors drawn from the private community. But they operate under the control of the Fed board as well, which is explicitly part of the government.

And you thinks markets are fair?

I learned long, long ago there is nothing fair in market structure in the United States.    99% of financial advisors or stockbrokers or those with fancy titles at major investment firms like "Vice-President" of "wealth management"  (they don't manage wealth, they derive fees and commissions from your assets to keep their titles and offices)  don't have a clue about market structure.  That said, market structure, honesty and fairness in markets are at odds.

The recent revelations on Board members of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States and their personal trading ahead of Fed policy decisions is a wonderful example about how the rules for the big guys are far different than for the little guys.

Where is the United States Securities & Exchange Commission?

Open your eyes.  All of them, FBI, FED, FDA, CDC, CIA, ATF, CIA, SEC, FINRA (talk about the fox guarding the henhouse) and on and on and on.  Virtually worthless.

The real robbery is yet to come.   There isn't a Democrat alive who will be honest and can describe "HYPERINFLATION" that is on its way to hammer the working class of this great nation.


Thursday, September 09, 2021

Sleepy Ice Cream Man

Isn't it a tell on America that everyone who reads "SLEEPY ICE CREAM MAN" knows who it is in reference to? 

This is the guy who loves open borders and mandatory vaccinations.  Come one, come all.  Free entrance, free everything, just vote Democrat.      

And the guys in the GOP aren't much better.    

1.  They tripped over themselves to concede the election

2.  They let Schumer, Pelosi and company run roughshod over them as the Deep State Dems concocted various Russia-gate lies and literally exhausted Trump's full term with trivialities based on outright prevarications. Not one solitary person has had to answer for that.

3. They went along with lockdowns, masking, etc.

4. They never lifted a finger while Burn, Loot & Murder was going on a national rampage. 

5.  I could go on ad-infinitum but you get the point. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Long term the stock market only goes one way.................

There are 5 psychological factors for investing with success.  These include a well-rounded personal life, a positive attitude, the motivation to make money, lack of conflict (such as psychological hang-ups about success), and the ultimate responsibility for trading results.

Most pessimists are focused on being right rather than making money.  Most people don't understand what traders do and should stick to buying mutual funds and getting their market intelligence from the TV experts who tout the endless predictions of market disaster.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

God Bless America

I don’t know whom to be more ashamed of, a President who is obviously losing his mental faculties and whom will not take any real blame for spilled US blood, his terrible planning and decision-making, or, more ashamed of a Left-Wing Media who is doing everything they can to plug their fingers in the holes of the Biden Administration boat which is already under-water.  C'mon man, can there be a greater hypocrisy than questioning the character of those Americans who voted for Trump while turning around and voting for Biden?  

81 million votes?   You know and I know it is all bullshit.

After the military finishes with equity and diversity classes and sex reassignment surgery, then we will hunt them down.  Biden’s handlers and their entire posse, have been destroying morality, Christianity, and American culture and now they send him out to chirp about God and Country?

Friday, August 20, 2021

Friday, August 20th

I hear the State of Minnesota is in the hunt for some Afghan refugees.  Good on them.   Lay some more weight on the back of MN taxpayers so they can attend the George Floyd Institute.

The only thing missing from todays Biden press conference was Ice Cream Joe walking out on stage with a Top Gun bomber jacket and Aviator sun glasses.  What a shit show of lunacy.   

There will be tremendous carnage coming out of Kabul.  Carnage for the whole world to see.    The Taliban going door-to-door looking for the Afghan Army and Americans reminds me of the Biden COVID ARMY going door-to-door looking for the unvaccinated.

The Congressional greed, the MIC greed, the Pentagon greed is all there to see.  Follow the money and you will find the blood of great American military men and women.

I have a lot of prayer ahead of me this weekend and beyond.

Please join me.   


Make no mistake............

The one thing the United States government seems to be good at lately is the importation of aliens from Third World countries at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Buying votes in this manner is criminal.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Biden, Afghanistan, America

All of you who voted for a dementia patient and a shallow narcissist who slept her way into the VP slot, what did you think was going to happen?   Can't the American voter figure out that anyone who went to law school is trained to NEVER be a decent politician?  Excuse that oxymoron, decent politician is similar to military intelligence is similar to coherent Biden.

If there is any question that the MIC, (military industrial complex), and the Pentagon (U.S. Military intelligence)  were outsmarted by a rag tag bunch of terrorist fighters who kill on sight and live with goats need look no farther than Afghanistan.

Congratulations to Jimmy Carter down in Plains, GA.   Joe Biden is taking over the crown as the most incompetent President in the history of the United States.     The bottom line is this and everyone knows it, Biden is NOT a functioning President.  When the going gets tough, we have no leadership.  

Trust me on this, no matter how bad things are now, they are going to get a hell of a lot worse with this rag-tag bunch of misfits calling the shots from the Oval Office. 

Handicapped with no excuses.


This girl has been around a couple of years and is doing well.  

I am surprised coyotes haven't gotten her down for a feast.

She hangs close to apple trees this time of year and looks healthy.   Not certain how she lost that front leg, whether from a mowing machine, collision, gun shot, who knows? 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Some of Montana's Finest.............absolute hilarity!


This group is one of the finest bunch of Americans I've ever met.  Fun, funny, straight-up folks who understand what made and makes America great.  

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Score Media and Gaming

It was a hell of a ride.   Thank you and a shout-out to all involved in the buyout of Score Media by Penn National Gaming.

It is big money that is made by sitting.   Not trading.

Buying this company early when it traded in Canada at .60 cents and adding at higher and higher prices.   Then the U.S. Listing, which was a complete farce along with the 10 for 1 reverse stock split.

Adding to my big gains was the sale of call options.

I was driving in the early morning across western Kentucky when I got the news from an old friend on the merger.

My biggest day ever in a single stock.  Ever.

70% was a thing of beauty.   

Remember, it is the sitting.  In good times and bad.   


Tuesday, August 03, 2021

ATT, wake up!

CNN currently has the infamous ZOOM masturbator, Jeffrey Toobin analyzing the Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment allegations as their "legal expert".

Mr. Stankey, please, step in and put an end to this madness.    

Friday, July 30, 2021

That is a B, B as in billions


All you need to know where this is going. 

Thank you United States Federal Reserve Bank. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

From the mouth of Michael Burry years ago.........................

Accept the world for what it is. Work hard to exploit the opportunities it presents.

Ignorance is willful.  Our policies are unable to honestly examine what is wrong.

Markets are not efficient.

I have tried to bring you a coincidence of intelligence, clarity, vision and honesty.

Declines in education, public safety, public policy and healthcare are coming.

Michael Burry

An EPIC INJUSTICE to AMERICA. Thank you Chairman Powell

My portfolio is near an all time high and there isn't much to do.  It is summer.  Markets are rather thin in some of the names I own.  Bids can get pushed on extremely light volume.   Beaches in the Hamptons are again full.   It's the way it is.   

So, with nothing to do but sit,  and never forget it is the sitting that can make the big money I wanted to say something about the United States Federal Reserve Bank.

If you ever hear the words, " We are from the Federal Reserve Bank and are here to help",   run, don't walk away.

The entire system is predicated on debt expansion and cheap money.   That is it.  They know it, I know it, you know it.

There is no path to normal.   The Fed balance sheet has doubled to over $8,000,000,000,000.00 and going over $9 trillion soon.

First inflation, then hyperinflation.  The only unknown is the time line.  And that boys and girls, you can take to the bank!


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, DELTA, American, Frontier, United

Not much to say about the state of flying in America these days.  Sitting in a metal tube, five miles high, covering 8 miles per minute knowing that airplane parts were bought from the lowest bidder, well, okay.

Airline employees are just doing their job.  They have to be assholes, it's their job.  They ALL know the bullshit of requiring passengers to wear a mask on the aircraft is just bullshit.  The science is so simple yet the mask diaper storm troopers and face diaper Nazi's are everywhere.

It's not just American, it's not just Delta, it's not just Southwest.  It's all of them.  Just hard working employees having to do their jobs.

I was sitting in the Denver International terminal this week waiting to board a delayed Southwest Airlines flight to Nashville.  Watching the pilot and his co-pilot come down the stairs from the aircraft and walk to the back of the plane I knew what was coming.   I stood up and stood tall myself.

These two flying cowboys put up the finest, crispest, smartest salutes I have ever seen from the ranks of  commercial pilots.  Wow.  Good on them.  It was impressive.   

May God hold the families of this fallen warrior in his hands until they meet again.   Thank you pilots for your respect and carrying this veteran to his final resting place.  

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Downhill with Biden!


President Biden’s been in office for 176 days. What we’ve seen: -Border crisis -Crime soaring -High gas prices -High grocery prices -Unemployment -Critical Race Theory pushed -July 4th politicized -Israel attacked -Cuban protestors abandoned

Thursday, July 01, 2021

24.41% YTD

2021. It was a solid first half. 

There are tough times ahead but stints like these past 6 months are unforgettable. 

Make hay when the sun shines Mom said.  I'll take it.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Fathers Day 2021


My greatest accomplishment.   Healthy, God-fearing, motivated, hard working, physically active, self-sufficient hunters.  Both with engineering degrees, both employed, both  make being a FATHER the greatest feeling.  I always said my job was to get them into the adult world.  Mission accomplished.  So happy and proud of them for their effort, hard work and attitude.  Glad they got their Mom's good looks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Montana drought?

 "How bad is it?  It's a hell of a lot worse than you think it is."

Great quote this morning from Roger Lothspeich of Miles City!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Wanted to hit above $8.6 today but .............

 $8,598,159.08  $26,198.60

Market doesn't care what I think, what I feel, what I want.

It is going to do whatever it wants with me or without me.

Made some mistakes as I do every day.  Still learning at 67.

Sunday, June 13, 2021



It just feels good.  Quarterly taxes are part of the equation and 6/15 isn't far off.  My check is in the mail and that number will be going down by nearly 6 figures.    Keeping the PPP loans, give-away programs, stimmy checks, Section 8 housing payments, WIC,  Social Security disability checks to fully able, fully functioning liars, even the "c'mon man, we need reparations" crowd is in line to hog some of my gains, my profits.

I am thankful Dave Utter took me to a William O'Neil luncheon in 1984. 

The stock market doesn't care you grew up on Indian reservations or are a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe at the White Earth Reservation.  It doesn't care that you went to 4 high schools in 3 different states while living in government housing.

The stock market doesn't care about my profits or my losses.

It is simply up to me.  My responsibility.   My health, my life.

My money.   

My Covid analysis this weekend!

The Democrats are the party of control: what you eat, what you wear on your face, deeming your job or business essential or not. Sad part is, some of you have given them this control and expect it to save you. The government will never save you. 

Save yourself.

99.8% of the people you come in contact with are not infected.

The average Covid age of death 78, which is 2 years OLDER than the normal average age of death at 76.

If I were scared of COVID I would get the vaccine but, first let's be clear.  The Covid-19 Jab is not a vaccine. The Covid-19 Jab is a mRNA modifier. If the Covid-19 mRNA modifier Jab was a vaccine then you wouldn't catch Covid-19 after receiving it.  And we know for a fact that people who have received the jab later got Covid-19. So let's stop the BS. 

Another fact we know is the mask, face diaper whatever you call it doesn't do a damn thing from preventing Covid-19. 

But authorities are still pushing it as if they are living under a rock, which they are.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Work as a form of escapism.

Being busy and burying your head in work provides a great escape from having to deal with the fundamentals in life such as personal fulfilment, quality relationships and a satisfying sense of direction in life. Many people bury themselves in work and use this as an excuse to bumble along and not deal with more important issues such as their personal relationships and even their own happiness. Work provides a convenient excuse to chug along in automatic mode, it provides structure and a framework and can easily take over your life if you let it.

What most people forget though, is that when all is said and done, very few people wish they had worked longer hours. Most wish they had enjoyed life more. 

Very little matters at the end when we are old and decrepit, other than what we gave back and friends and family. 

DAD and the compounding work, effort, time and money

My late grandfather, Walter Marquart was one of the hardest working men I have ever known in my life.  From chopping massive piles of wood in his 70's with a chainsaw and axe to shoveling the biggest snow drifts in history, I saw it all.  He also believed in saving.  Pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars.

Hard work is all he knew.  With an 8th grade education and having to marry his pregnant girlfriend at 21 he just worked every day.  His dream of becoming a Park Ranger never materialized, instead he worked the land on the farm where he was born.    Grampa had 5 sisters who pampered him as he was the youngest and he never had a haircut until he started school. 

He probably wasn't up to speed on simple compounding of returns and never owned a stock in his life.  The Rule of 72 wasn't his thing but he understand the use of measurement in rods instead of feet.     

Living on that farm with Gramma and Grampa while in college was a unique experience for me.   I learned early on that when I worked I wanted to make money not just work for the sake of working or making something "look good".   Why not let your work compound for you?   If you are going to put in time, effort and energy away from your family maybe you should be making some money I thought.  I never wanted to look back and regret that I wasted a lot of time in doing meaningless shit.  

I learned that if you work hard enough at anything you can get what you want.   Motivation, desire and goals work well with hard work.  I never wanted to look back with regret.

Today is the 10th anniversary of my Dad's passing.  It seems just like yesterday I felt the warmth of his body slowly dissipate.

I wish I had more days with Dad and Mom ahead.  


Monday, June 07, 2021

J. Robert Winegardner

Bob was my first boss in San Diego.  The time was 1979.  He was a good boss, a great man. Bob never had to take me to all of those San Diego Clipper games but he did. I learned many things from him that I had never been exposed to and that I carry with me to this day.

Here is Mr. Winegardner's life.

La Jolla J. Robert Winegardner, a prominent insurance executive, passed away March 28, 2016.He was raised in Hollywood and attended Hollywood High and U.C.L.A., where he was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He served in the Navy in World War II and Korea and his last duty was as Supply Officer of the USS Atlas. He retained his commission in a retired reserve status until his death.Associated with the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Milwaukee for over fifty years, he was General Agent for the company in San Diego before retiring in 1979. Prior to coming to San Diego in 1961, he was sales leader in the Los Angeles agency when that agency was also the number one agency in the country. He became a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table of the National Association of Life Underwriters in 1959.In San Diego he was President of the General Agents and Managers Association, President of the Chapter of the American Society of Chartered Life Underwriters and President of the San Diego U.C.L.A. Alumni Association.An avid tennis player he had belonged to the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club and played in many local tournaments. He kept alive, as long as possible, a La Jolla tradition of weekly English pocket billiards at his home with many friends.He is survived by his wife of 69 years, Virginia; daughters Susan Daly (Lance), Nancy Ivey (Bill), Joanne Joby Bakken (Kyle), all of San Diego. Janet Winegardner of San Francisco. 

Now let me tell you about Bob Winegarder.  He liked hustle.  He liked a positive attitude.   On a side desk, prominently displayed were many bits and pieces of paper full of great quotes.  Quotes that were motivating and inspirational. Here is a quote that Bob handed to me in 1979.

It's been on alot of desks and sits prominently on a computer in my office to this day.   



Work. Just hard work.

One of my favorite things to share with stock market investors is the following phrase. 

"People get out of the stock market exactly what they want to get out of the stock market."

One thing I can say for sure is that if you want winning performance out of your investments you better be prepared to do the work and know that losses are the cost of doing business.

Whether you feel the stock market is a gamblers paradise or a safe haven for the long term to increase your purchasing power in years to come, you will probably get from the market what you want.

A short 15 months ago  on March 23, 2020 my assets were a tad over $5,766,000.   It was an ugly time.  I didn't sell into the negativity and bad press.  I held, day after day.  It didn't feel good but I knew Covid mania was temporary.  Life would go on, in America, around the world.

If you want to do the work, put in the time, suffer the pain of declining markets and have some success remember, no one cares more than you about your money.  Get in that relationship with your goals.  Know that preparation eliminates fear.  The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.  

Today was the first day my portfolio went over the $8.4 million mark.  My near term goal is $10 million.  You think I will get there?  No need to think.  You know the answer.  

You can't stop hard work, preparation and attitude.  Success isn't owned, it's leased and rent is due every day.  It's not how life happens to us.  It how we happen in life.

Remember, God feeds the birds but God doesn't drop worms into the nest.  


You can have results or excuses. Not both.

I go to Planet Fitness often.  I like the facility, the people, the company and it's mantra.  I hear this so much from people,

"I'll start after the summer."

"I"ll train when things slow down at work."

"I'll eat better when I have more time."

"I'll start when this Covid shit is over."

No, not a chance.  You won't do shit. 

Why? Because you are afraid to do the work.

Stop bullshitting yourself.  Don't lie, no one believes it either.  

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Homeowner Associations Board of Directors

Never ever forget,  HOA Boards are the breeding grounds for upcoming Stalinesque regimes.  They would make Putin and Xi very proud. 

Usually without fail, there is one or two or several Board members who are silly little useless assholes that want a taste of power.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Ready for old age with the best canes from Victor!


Thank you Native americank tribal financial overseer of the Chippewa Dean Parisian for many years for followig and retweetig my humbel thoughts
Dean Parisian your retweets of my humble thoughs to your former tribal clients tend to couterbalane mine regardig how bad baseball commercialls make you feel these days. By the way , Larry Ritters bet friends on the yankees bus were nincknamed Native american or what

Native American Advisors CHIPPEWA PARTNERS