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Friday, August 20, 2021

Friday, August 20th

I hear the State of Minnesota is in the hunt for some Afghan refugees.  Good on them.   Lay some more weight on the back of MN taxpayers so they can attend the George Floyd Institute.

The only thing missing from todays Biden press conference was Ice Cream Joe walking out on stage with a Top Gun bomber jacket and Aviator sun glasses.  What a shit show of lunacy.   

There will be tremendous carnage coming out of Kabul.  Carnage for the whole world to see.    The Taliban going door-to-door looking for the Afghan Army and Americans reminds me of the Biden COVID ARMY going door-to-door looking for the unvaccinated.

The Congressional greed, the MIC greed, the Pentagon greed is all there to see.  Follow the money and you will find the blood of great American military men and women.

I have a lot of prayer ahead of me this weekend and beyond.

Please join me.   


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