Thursday, September 09, 2021

Sleepy Ice Cream Man

Isn't it a tell on America that everyone who reads "SLEEPY ICE CREAM MAN" knows who it is in reference to? 

This is the guy who loves open borders and mandatory vaccinations.  Come one, come all.  Free entrance, free everything, just vote Democrat.      

And the guys in the GOP aren't much better.    

1.  They tripped over themselves to concede the election

2.  They let Schumer, Pelosi and company run roughshod over them as the Deep State Dems concocted various Russia-gate lies and literally exhausted Trump's full term with trivialities based on outright prevarications. Not one solitary person has had to answer for that.

3. They went along with lockdowns, masking, etc.

4. They never lifted a finger while Burn, Loot & Murder was going on a national rampage. 

5.  I could go on ad-infinitum but you get the point. 

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