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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Slime or sleaze it's business as usual!

Dear Fed,

You gotta be kidding me, so it just dawned on Jay Powell that there is an ethics problem at the Fed? 

Tell me, where do the original shares of The Federal Reserve System sit today and does Aldrich's ( Warburg's ) Federal Reserve Act make any mention of restricting the ethical behavior of the original shareholders?

Unless there are claw backs and prison time, this will continue into perpetuity. It's just like Pelosi loading up on Tesla stock once it was clear that Ice Cream Joe was going to get in - her own legislation pumped her stock values up.

Let's just be honest and say anything goes.

We are the Elite, we make the rules, therefore,

The rules don't apply to us.

Treason is not a crime.

Pedophilia is not a crime.

Murder is not a crime.

Lying under Oath is not a crime.

Kickbacks are not a crime.

Anything we do in Congress, the Senate or Fed is not a crime.

But not getting vaccinated is a crime!

Forget the fact that unnamed, anonymous, unelected federal reserve shareholders control the largest printing press in the world.  This is all going to collapse and in a horrific fashion.  You can see it plain and clear. The Fed has trapped themselves and there is no way out of a default either by inflation or deflation.

Good luck America, especially the poor and middle class.

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