Friday, August 11, 2017


Since when is winning the goal of a foreign war? The goal is to expend as much military hardware as possible wrecking the country so you can then spend countless more billions rebuilding it. The longer the war drags on the better for these people.

Ask yourself how many shares of major defense contractors these Congress-critters own and how many millions they will make as "advisors" and "experts" from the gigs they will be offered by the same companies after their public "service" ends.  They have been winning all along and it's only getting better.

Remind me again how many countries North Korea had invaded since the truce in 1953 and how many the United States has invaded in the same time? 

The Donnie Trump show and North Korea will do what every other country does to the United States: Cost America billions everyday to patrol the rock concert. Right now, the tour is going on all over the world. $20 trillion in debt and counting. N Korea is winning.  We spend a large amount of money every day, every year to keep our nuclear triad at the ready.  Deterrence is front and center.  It's what we do. Take a guess at what it costs per day to keep the US fleet and all that hardware up and running to have an elevated level of vigilance? This can and will go on for months. Would you want to write that check? 

Didn't think so.

But guess what, you are. And if you're not, it's being borrowed. And you owe it. Broke is where the US will land.

By escalating tensions with North Korea, Trump is doing everything, literally everything, we elected him NOT to do. He needs to be draining the swamp at home, not fighting NeoLib wars abroad. 

Bring it home Donnie.   Tax code reform, FED audit,  Fed abolishment, lawyer reform, immigration, border security, social security and on and on and on.

It's true,  the only goal of an elected politician is to get reelected.     

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