Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Let's examine America's CARNAGE!

Bannon gone, Trump reversed course.  The MIC and Generals in the war machine won.  Is it a soft military coup?  Is there a fiscal conservative in office beside the Paul's?

Afghanistan has probably 20,000,000 people living in remote, inaccessible, inhospitable villages that can only be reached by road and have an extremely high goat-to-human ratio.

Very little infrastructure in the country.   The MIC is foaming to light it up!  The blank check will be more debt.  HUUUUGE debt.

Everybody now wants war in Afghanistan but who wants their sons and daughters to do the dirty work?  Haven't we bombed enough brown people in tribal groups?   Can someone come up with a cogent reason I can understand that will justify the hundreds of billions we will spend on this debacle?  And please, define "winning".  Does winning mean we send more troops to protect girls at a record shop in Kabul?

America is dead broke without a printing press running full tilt. No clear strategic objective was laid out by Trump.  There is no military objective that is obtainable.  To fight a counter insurgency in Afghanistan without the hearts and minds of the Afghan people is Vietnam all over again.  Body bags lie ahead.  Lots of them.

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