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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Taken from DAILY SPECULATIONS, the veterinarian hobo, BO KEELY, talking MEXICO


Bo Keely responds:

We can't see the world forest for the American trees.

I just traveled through Mexico the hard way under a pack and the country bustles, thrives, and has altered the mindset to friendliness to strangers. the best investment is along the Sea of Cortez where, 15 years ago, there was one sleepy fishing village where i couldn't find a meal or bed. i slept in the weeds. now it's the Platinum Coast with twenty miles of high rises. there's a 200-mile new skyscraping powerline to meet electricity demand across the dune capped desert where, as seen yesterday on my throne on La Bestia, the last poles are driven and strung to blow open the coast to investment.

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