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Thursday, May 09, 2024

James Melville

 ▪️They told us to lockdown and socially distance while they held private parties.

▪️They told us to save the planet while they flew to climate summits in private jets. ▪️They told us that there was no magic money tree while they spent our tax money on wars and housing migrants in hotels. ▪️They told us that there was a cost of living crisis while they gave themselves a pay rise and we paid our taxes to fund their subsidized meals and energy costs in their second homes. ▪️They warn us of water shortages despite 7 months of incessant rain and water companies selling off reservoirs.
▪️They warn us of food shortages while undermining farmers with restrictive policies that risk food production and their livelihoods. ▪️They constantly create new ways to monitor and surveil us, yet they are the ones who should be monitored. Our government is gaslighting us.

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