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Friday, April 12, 2024

Friday Follies

Going into the weekend, sellers are in charge.  Short sellers emboldened!   

Economic news, political news, most news is pure shit these days.  Half of it unbelievable.  Probably most of it.  

My stock exposure is minimal.  No need to get in the way.  Hero's are in comic books, they don't sit at my trading desk.

Look around, boys and girls!  Gold prices trending, Biden is OTL,  missiles ready to launch, Musk catching hell from Africa's Zimbabwa, (that bastion of intellectual thought), cops (LEO's) getting shot left and right, bird flu, cow flu, 3.2 flu for spring breakers, FISA warrants trendy with the FBI,  covid masks fashionable, covid shots still selling, and lastly, this week I was able to see up close and personal what the business of healthcare is all about.  Ron White has more in him and all he has to do is watch the news!  America, 2024.  Fully engaged in their cell phones and social media nonsense!

My friend from Wisconsin sent me some nice photos that he took while we were bird-watching in Mexico a couple months ago.  For sure the only bright spots on my screen today.

This too shall pass.   Remember the purpose of markets is to separate the weak from the strong.

Enjoy the black-necked stilts and the lone snow goose in Baja!

I reckon the goose take-away is that sometimes you may find yourself out of your element but stay the course if you have what you need!


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