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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Conservative American Here

Since retiring in 2019 and giving up the day-to-day responsibility of managing OPM, (other people's money) I have concentrated solely on growing my own.  When COVID took over, I roared off to my ranch, sat tight, and traded rather aggressively.  Naturally in tax-qualified accounts, one needn't worry about short-term gains.  These are my 2021 IRA closed transactions while COVID was scaring the world.  As you can see, the returns were far more than the stated % return because the account was only a couple of million, not the total dollar amount traded of eight million which is shown.  

2021 Aggressive Account

As time has passed, I have taken more time to consider the state of the American financial system I have altered my approach to my own financial well-being.  Yes, I still sell call options on stocks.   Yes, I still own passive investments. Yes, I still own real estate and have added to it.  Yes, on occasion, when the charts tell me,  I trade rather aggressively.  Yes, I still own far more stocks than bonds.  Yes, I still own large and small companies.   

One thing is for sure boys and girls.  Deficits matter.  Debt matters and interest on debt matters.  We will have a financial crisis on our hands.   Bonds are rich. Stocks are rich.  The FED honcho's have raised rates by 500 basis points.  They are clueless;  that whole bunch should be shown the door which is my definition of transitory.  They can't knock inflation down and have run out of bullets.

I am not a pessimist. 

America is being governed poorly.  We are headed to a financial disaster. 

Be smart about who you vote for this fall.      


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