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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Looking back years later........................

I don't like to play the LOOK BACK game and say I told you so.   Doesn't make me look as smart as I am.  Better to just keep quiet.   Most people live in the rearview mirror and say "I shoulda done this" "I shoulda bought that" "I knew that was going to be huge" or "I knew that was going to be a great investment".  Those people aren't living, only existing.   They don't know risk and the value of time and have no clue about the 8th Wonder of the World, compounding returns, whether in interest or in the stock market.

This post looks back at my prognostications on the finances of the United States.

With a background in economics and enough common sense derived from being in the markets for 30  years, I decided, on a hot summer day in Atlanta, Buckhead actually, to go down and stage a one-man protest.  Ben Bernanke was staying across the street at the Ritz Carleton and he had his government minions guarding him from seeing my poster.   What do you think of my poster-making skills?  

I called it.  Everything has come true.  Trillions upon trillions in debt, devaluation of the currency, inflation, lies, it just doesn't end with these crooks and shysters in government.  


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