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Monday, March 20, 2023

Conservative White Earth Chippewa vs. Liberal White Earth Chippewa

I will let you make the call. Maybe you are currently raising children. So you have kids? Then you best learn how to protect them from government over-reach.

We are on our own, always have been. I am in the conservative camp of ideology regarding gender issues. My take, two genders, one with a penis the other with a vagina. It's what Creator made.

Pretty simple from my part of the rez!

The once great state of Minnesota has a Lt. Governor who is a member of the White Earth Reservation, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe where I am a member. She is a Democrat and liberal who is making waves in the TRANS community. This tribal member recently signed an executive order that will force Minnesota state agencies to push “gender-affirming” health care.
She stated “Let’s be clear: this is life-affirming and life-saving health care,” adding “When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.”

Here is where I stand.

We don't let children drive.

We don't let children buy guns.

We don't let children buy cigarettes.

We don't let children vote, because they are not capable of making a rational decision.

But we allow them to cut off their junk and take life-long hormone drugs?

Do you think allowing underage kids to have elective surgery without parental consent is wrong? I sure as hell do.

Do you think Doctors who perform this surgery should be reprimanded? I sure as hell do.

You see, life is hard and much harder when you are stupid.

On the reservation and off we are creating a future homeless population of drug addicted and depressed misfits. It's just one more thing to protect your children from. My father who spent a lifetime working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Law Enforcement would have called it correctly. He would have called her an evil child groomer. Minnesota is off the rails.

Minnesota reservations are no different than reservations in Nebraska, Montana, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, you get the drift.   The Lt. Governor should focus on the important issues facing Indian country.  Issues like drug addiction, lack of 2 parent households, poverty, lack of work ethic, obesity, violence and low rates of education. 

God help us.


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