Wednesday, March 01, 2023

College Loans Forgiven?

GMAFB kids.

Surely the SCOTUS can't be that stupid and ignorant.

But then again, in 2023, with those few nitwits on the bench who really knows?

Who benefits from the current student loan scheme? It’s not students. It’s not the tax payer. It’s not the public. It’s the universities, and more specifically, older professors and college administrators.

The left wants to shift the payment to people who didn’t go to college by having them foot the bill for those who went to college. In other words unleash predatory hell.

The right wants to hold 18 year old idiots as indentured servants for life because it's “personal responsibility.” In other words, unleash predatory hell.

But neither side gets at the core issue: because the Federal Government GUARANTEES the student loans (even if borrowers don't repay) WITHOUT ANY price control whatsoever, universities get a blank check at everyone’s expense.

You can keep the idiots indentured in debt forever, but the money is gone. It’s stolen by professors and administrators.

And you can take that to the bank folks! 

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