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Thursday, February 09, 2023

So you like video and pictures?

As Joe Biden eloquently says, "C'mon man".  So, you are a smart guy.  You know it all for sure.  Not a thing you haven't watched CNN about that makes you genius, right?

So go ahead, ask yourself this.   With maybe 25,000 humans dead from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and millions displaced and injured and homeless and video coverage going night and day in the MSM, why haven't you, in the confines of your home, nursing your drink of choice over the past couple of years, watched imbedded photographers cover the war between Russia and the Ukraine which have killed an estimated 300,000 people? 

You don't know the answer do you?  You care less.

The answer is for all the world to see.  So much money at stake, so much war to profit from, so much gore not to share with those who fund the MIC and killing from afar.   Yet, you don't see, or even understand.  It's too comfortable for you.  You don't care, out of sight out of mind.   

The beat goes on.  Hell, even Seth Rich understood. 

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