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Thursday, August 25, 2022


ZeroHedge Suspended Again By Twitter For Reporting Facts Tyler Durden's Photo BY TYLER DURDEN THURSDAY, AUG 25, 2022 - 11:30 AM Just when we thought that after a tsunami of bipartisan blowback to Twitter's ludicrous censorship implemented by woke 20-year-olds who chronically confuse the terms fascist and anti-fascist, yet who are "erudite" enough to be definitive experts in immunology and immediately ban anyone who speaks out against what even the CDC now admits was flawed covid "science", that the social network had finally learned its place and would allow conversation to take place without constant intermediation (read propaganda), we were proven glaringly wrong. You see, more than two years after twitter admitted its had made an "error" for "permanently" suspending ZeroHedge (for 133 days ) over its reporting on the origins of the Wuhan virus... ... but really in response to a ZeroHedge article which prompted none other than Anthony Fauci to scramble with damage control at the highest government echelons... ... a suspension which even Jack Dorsey eventually confirmed was a mistake... ... and 4 months after the world's richest man, Elon Musk, offered to buy the company ostensibly to reverse Twitter's transformation into a modern Gestapo... ... and a giant propaganda machine (one which is so critical to the outcome of elections, even the deep state has stepped in to "help" Musk scuttle him becoming the new boss now that he has cold feet over the excessive purchase price which he appears to have come up with in a rather mind-altered state), we woke up this morning to learn that we had received a 12 hour suspension for... well, see for yourselves. Here is the notification that Twitter sent us: Now, we admit that Twitter would be absolutely in its right to suspend us if we had made up the numbers, or somehow planted malicious KGB code in a story about millions of illegal aliens entering the country, that would force anyone reading the tweet to, for example, go and vote against President Harris in 2024, ensuring a landslide victory for either Trump or se Santis, but we didn't. In fact, all we did was use the verbatim title that the Federation for American Immigration Reform used in its press release from August 16. It gets better: our "hateful conduct" tweet is the exact same as Wisconsin Rep Tom Tiffany used one week before us. And while one can blame Tiffany for being partisan, how about Mark Krikorian, who is an executive director at the independent, non-partisan, Center for Immigration Studies: Or maybe since the tweet is clearly factual, the woke Twitter censor took offense at the use of the phrase "illegal alien"? Well, if so, can the twitter employee who defines "hateful conduct" please look up the Webster's definition of "illegal alien" and tell us where it says this particular phrase is disparaging or "hateful"? And if indeed it was this phrase that triggered at least one Twitter "snowflake", why did Senator Ted Cruz not get suspended for using the exact same word: It's not just Ted Cruz: Forget politicians: what about local authorities: ... and even "bluechecked" journos: So what was the trigger - because we are genuinely confused? Or is Elon right that there is no greater modern Gestapo than twitter's woke (and soon to be very much unemployed workers if a Delaware judge forces Twitter to consummate the contractual deal to purchase twitter) workforce? While we doubt we will get an answer, and we certainly doubt that twitter will admit again that it was wrong in targeting us, we would urge Twitter's snowflakes to actually go out into the world (after all they all work from home, right), see what it's like, enjoy the sunshine (without triplicate masks), maybe watch an 80's move like Aliens. And speaking of Aliens, Pvt Vasquez' last words summarizes best how we feel toward Twitter's increasingly laughable and desperate attempts to censor and control every conversation by its soon-learning-to-code they/thems.

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