Monday, August 22, 2022

Mid-Term Elections, a PRIMER

Democrat accomplishments in the last 20 months.

8.5% inflation
Rent up 50% and rising
Energy costs doubled -- gas still far higher than under Trump regime.
Food Costs up 80-130%
Run Away CRIME in every Democrat run City in the USA
Open Border with Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals flooding in
Massive FAILURE in Afghanistan Costing Hundreds of American Lives
Broke the Supply Chain causing severe economic disruptions
Shut Down American Gas and Oil in the name of FAILED Climate Change SCAM
As the compromised Biden promised he would do, He MORE than Doubled Gas Prices by stopping Keystone XL pipeline and drilling on federal land Democrats on day 1 started shutting down/curtailing sources of energy in America ( Keystone XL Pipeline, Anwar, Oil and Gas leases, hydraulic fracturing, natural gas drilling and New Developments ) all while importing Russian Oil.

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